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This page is a list of userboxes to put on your profile page. To put them, simply insert the name of the template between these brackets {{ }} wherever you want it on your page.


INext - Next, Rachel & Vickey.png This user loves iNext!

Code: iNext

Kayla & Rachel

Kayla & Rachel.png This user also loves Kayla & Rachel!

Code: Kayla & Rachel

PHS Cafeteria

PHS Cafeteria.png This user works in the PHS Cafeteria!

Code: PHSCafe


Next & Rachel Kissing.png This user ships Nachel!

Code: Nachel


Next Copeland on Facebook.png This user’s favorite character is Next!

Code: Next

2B990A68-B8C1-4C75-90B2-BA32518637CC.png This user’s favorite character is Rachel!

Code: Rachel

EQI-M3UWkAE86Rp.png This user’s favorite character is Vickey!

Code: Vickey


Male.png This user is a Male!

Code: Male

Female.png This user is a Female!

Code: Female