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Pleasant Hill Elementary
Pleasant Hill Elementary.png
General information
Type Elementary School
City Pleasant Hill, Tennessee

Pleasant Hill is a elementary school that Next and Rachel attended until 2012 the mascot of this school is the Hornets.

If you are looking for the page about the cafeteria go here.

Pleasant Hill Hornets.png


  • Next, Rachel and Sandra are staff at this school because Rachel and Sandra works in the Cafeteria and Next's a Teacher's Assistant.
  • On April 8, 2021 a tornado hit this school with minor damage.
  • Rachel got in trouble in 5th Grade she hurt Next's feeling by drawing a bad picture of him on March 30, 2009.
  • Next got in trouble in 5th Grade by Mr.Savage with Tirzah and Austin.
  • Rachel was laughing at Next when he got in trouble by Mr. Savage with Tirzah and Austin.
  • Corey and Rachel got in trouble together in 5th Grade in the music room during the movie.
  • Rachel visited this school 6 years after iNext ended.