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PHS Cafeteria after they remodeled it

PHS Cafeteria (known as Hornet's Nest Cafe) is a location at Pleasant Hill Elementary is where Next ate in before and Rachel still eats in this Cafeteria it has only appeared on the show iNext.

This Cafeteria is the original PHS Cafeteria because it was made before the one at The Pheonix School.

Kids eating in the PHS Cafeteria

How the PHS Cafeteria looked on the show iNext before they remodeled it

Other Names of this Cafeteria[]

  • Hornet's Nest Cafe
  • iNext Cafeteria
  • Lunchroom

Formerly in this Cafeteria[]

  • Garbage Disposal
  • Disco Ball
  • Flags
  • Curtains
  • White Walls
  • A lot of pictures



  • This is the place that Rachel first met Next.
  • Rachel cried in this cafeteria twice the first time in sixth grade and the second time when she was 23 years old.
  • After Rachel became a fan of actor Leonardo DiCaprio she mentioned him in this Cafeteria.
  • The iNext characters who has never worked in this Cafeteria is Next and Vickey.
  • Next got Rachel sent to the back table during lunch because he was talking.
  • The only 2 characters from iNext that has worked in this Cafeteria is Rachel and Jennifer.
  • Next and Rachel both slowed danced in this Cafeteria when there was a dance.
  • Next and Rachel both has been back in the Kitchen in this Cafeteria.
  • Rachel visited this Cafeteria again in 2019 6 years after iNext ended.
  • When Next and Rachel were in fifth grade they was a bone unit in this Cafeteria.
  • This Cafeteria got remodeled with new tables and seats.
  • After Rachel visited this Cafeteria again in 2019 Rachel started working in this Cafeteria.
  • They don’t use this Cafeteria for dances anymore they do the dances in the new building.
  • This is Rachel's favorite place in the school.
  • There used to be a Garbage Disposal in the kitchen before they took it out.
  • Rachel wishes the Garbage Disposal was still in the kitchen.
  • Kids are seen reading Charlotte's Web in this Cafeteria.
  • Netflix is seen playing on the TVs in this Cafeteria.
  • September 10, 2019 when Rachel was in the Cafeteria during lunch time she was on her phone and asked Next out on Facebook that they can get back together dating.
  • After this Cafeteria got remodeled they expanded it with a new room called Annex.
  • This Cafeteria reminds Rachel of Next Copeland.
  • Rachel has been in this Cafeteria when the schools were closed.
  • Rachel told the other Cafeteria Workers about Next.
  • When Pleasant Hill Elementary is closed during this COVID-19 pandemic Rachel got called into work to give meals to people Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.