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General Information
Nickname Nachel
Dating Status Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Close Friends

Nachel is a pairing with Next Copeland and Rachel Genovese. (N/ext and R/achel).

Nachel Moments[]

Well when Next went to a New School in 2005 he meets this girl named Rachel Next was in second Grade and Rachel was in third Grade there has been a Nachel fight before when Rachel made Next mad Next and Rachel are really good friends.


  • Next and Rachel first kissed at Pleasant Hill Elementary in 5th Grade.
  • There was a huge fight on 2014.
  • First met in 2005.
  • Rachel is currently working where Next's Mom used to work at.
  • Copevese is the last name.
  • Next first got mad at Rachel on March 30, 2009.
  • On October 26, 2018 Rachel saw Next in Cookeville Walmart Rachel talked to Next.
  • Next and Rachel have been lost together at Dollywood and at Splash Country before.
  • Next and Rachel appeared together on the Kayla & Rachel episodes #TheKillerTunaJump and #NextsBirthdayCelebration.
  • Next knows that Rachel is a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Next and Rachel both went to Pleasant Hill Elementary and Cumberland County High School together.
  • September 10, 2019 Rachel asked Next out on Facebook and started dating again.
  • Next and Rachel are currently dating.
  • April 2020 when Next got sick at his home and rushed to the hospital Rachel is supporting him.